Know Hridai

hridai is “not for profit organisation” established in 2002 by Mr. Shailesh Tewary, along with nation‟s eminent personalities as founding members echoing the vision of enhancing productivity by people’s synergy.

It is the concept of hridai that, in a constantly changing world the critical challenge is of maintaining continuity and consistency in quality deliverables.

India is a people‟s nation, dynamically poised for a top nation global positioning. With all its strengths, the nation has inadequacies in fulfilling quality deliverables in the long term. At hridai we believe that, “people are a fundamental resource and people are also the critical variable; consequentially people are also the key to results.”

We are in new times and renewed expectations and the pace of this development will be measured with the pace of Human Development and that is the “heart of the matter which concerns us” at hridai.

hridai’s Primary Objectives are as follows:

  • To build a scientific storehouse of knowledge and skills of human resource development and disseminate the same for maintaining standards & professional excellence and to assist stimulate positive forces for humanizing systems and organizations and to enable people contribute their best and to provide organizations and individuals seeking to hire, develop and retain a talented workforce.
  • To assist, develop, implement and participate in Government, Industries and Individual PR & marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, event management, market surveys, education packages & solutions, information technology & related courses, interactive distance learning programs, assessment centres & extra-curricular personality and leadership development activities.
  • To develop, implement and participate in youth exchange programs, travel & tourism programs, civil defence programs, cultural programs and to establish and maintain contact with other national and international organisations active in the same or similar field.
  • To advance the interests of human resource profession, improve the quality and effectiveness of professional human resource management and promote and develop knowledge of human resource issues and competency building at all levels.  Develop and enhance productivity by people synergy and human resource through education, training, research and experience sharing.
  • To cooperate with and maintain a liaison with Government/ Non- government, Judicial, Labour & Social welfare organizations, bodies, institutions, or societies connected or involved in the cause of human resource development & management.