HR Audit

The Human Resource Department of each and every company is key to the good health of the company. The efficiency quotient of the employees is often determined by the policies of the HR department. But how do you know that the well-thought out policies of your company are being followed in letter and spirit?

By conducting internal HR audits.  But does this not sound like employing a thief to catch a thief. Also, sometimes it’s hard to notice oversights and inefficiencies in your own back yard. Third party audits are the only solution in this case. hridai conducts HR process audits for your business to help you grow in strength and success. We conduct the detailed audits in the above field and issue detailed certificates with:

  • The facts
  • The deviations with consequences if any,
  • The extent of approx. liabilities,
  • Recommendations of solutions and
  • Practical implementation plans.

Healthy Employee Relations Is All About The Smooth Functioning Of The Organizations